General Snow Plowing Information

K.A.P. Landscaping and Snowplowing strives to deliver impeccable snow plowing service. In delivering that impeccable service, we feel it is important to define the following two (2) words. Realistic which can be defined as "expressing awareness of things as they really are" and expectation which can be defined as "anticipating with confidence of fulfillment". We ask our customer's for their "realistic expectations" and patience when it comes to snow plowing. We only mention this as during storm conditions, roads can become impassable or impenetrable at times. We do our very best to service our clients in a timely manner.

Snow plowing is designed to move snow so to enable one easy access to their driveway. This is accomplished by our fleet of trucks which includes one (1) Chevy 3500 HD, one (1) GMC 2500 HD and two (2) Chevy 2500 HD with Western front plows and Daniels back pull plows. This also includes a tailgate salt spreader. Ideally, our snow plowing is performed between the hours of 10:00 PM and 8:00 AM for safety / liability reasons, to maximize gas efficiencies, and keep truck related costs in check. Plowing commences once accumulation which is determined by the Buffalo International Airport has subsided. Customer's should contact us by phone for special plowing arrangements.

Growth is essential to any successful business. Unfortunately, what sometimes suffers with many growing businesses is the quality of service they promise to deliver. We are very conscious of the aforementioned and that is why we only contract with a predefined number of customers a year. On a yearly basis, K.A.P. has approximately 10 open snow plowing spots to fill. We do not keep a waiting list, so remember to contact us early in the snow plowing year to get your estimate!